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SteamFISH, an initiative by JMM, is an over the internet events company. With 20 over years of physical events experience and current unprecedented times, we believe that the show must still go on. Albeit different, we are able help you reimagine your events, creatively.




We provide and deliver professional on and offline events consultancy & management for thematic, corporate, to entertainment events. 


Working in partnership with you, our client, and multiple organizations, we customize and conceptualize every event to your needs.

Take your event to the next level by going hybrid with us. Even if Plan P(hysical) does not work out, the show will still go on with Plan O (nline).

Let's reimagine your events together, go hybrid.


Every good online event begins with good technical management and production.

We are committed in ensuring that every event continues to evolve and embrace new technologies.


By providing a substantial standard of deliveries, we ensure and oversee your online event logistics from

the beginning to the end.


So you can worry about less.


We have a passion in delivering powerful and creative communication that helps our clients convey impactful messages while enhancing the level of interactivity with the audience.
We've got you covered, from shoot to stream.


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